Wednesday, November 26, 2008

After few days delayed.. I finally got time to re post! Thanks God!^^
Sorry for keep u all waiting ya :D

So that day I was actually doing some survey for my language and communication skill presentation at Petaling street.
Asking them about What they like about Malaysia and bla bla bla...
They all are really friendly and polite! ^^
U ask what they definitely will ans u bak :D
And our 1st prey is from Germany!
Followed by Poland, Korea,Ireland,Norway, Holland and Australia! ^^

After the survey done.. we went to Tar College to donate our precious blood
and meet some old friends of mine.
And this time is my 4th times to donate out my blood! Im Kind?? oH Yes! ^^
Inside the hall of TarC (:
started nerveous.. huhu
Playing iPod to remove my boredness while waiting ;Daaaah.. my BLOOD!

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thanks :p
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today early morning my sweet sweet dream interrupted by Wormie with a call! @#@#$&!@!#+>?!@!#
How I wish I can dream longer.. What a great dream I hab lah :D
So today I woke up kinda early but still ends up late in de class like usual.. lol (-_-||)
Then after the class.. we went to Sushi Zanmai at Pyramid have our lunch again --
Really lurve the sushi at Zanmai there :P
After the lunch.. we went to Alson's house
to complete the Dion's interior design
2nd assignment plan n abstract model.
But I went bak early at 6
cos need to fetch my maple grandaughter as promise few days ago..

"felt sorry to my group.. ):"

When on de way go to sunway.. traffic jam all the way ==
Then kip receiving misscall frm my maple grandaughter.. dam annoying la! kaka :p
6.30pm I reach Sunway n saw Andrea walks toward my car..
not bad huh she still recognize my car.. haha ^^
Then I see one more girl follow her..

in de mind i thinkk
"oh gosh! nid to fetch one more.. luckily petrol price dropped edi~ hehe :P"

Then andrea n her fren went up to de car..
and WOW what a suprise.. reli unexpected..

she gave me a BEAR.. LOL! "sek do" als0 hor her..
mayb it jus the paid for a taxi driver la .. haha

de bear looks big? actually its a key chain la.. haha..
i lurve LONDON! ❥ :D


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l3oringzzz. ..
Saturday, November 15, 2008

kaka.. nothing to do so post some picture of myself :p
going to play maple now..
cia0s ^^~

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Zzz.. .
Tuesday, November 11, 2008

FXXX!! !!!!!!
I just bang a car (again! =.=). ..
BLOODY HELL... I so suay als0 today.. haiss...
God why me T_T

ZZzz.. I go sleep 1st le.. to chill Up my mind :D

Nights !

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Mad Doggie

KA0~! today Ryan really suay!
bitten by Alan's neighbour dalmation dog.. pity him T-T
While Ryan get bite, I stun awhile :x Wth I doing.. lol (-__-||)
Then I go rang the door bell. Ding dong.. . Ding Dong.. ding dong.. .. .
Bl0ody hell #!@^% the dalmation's owner still haben come out..
Then I see clearly. . "yuan lai" the dalmation's owner inside the house spying at us =.=
So I shout "hey Mr! ur dog bite my friend la! how?" not really shout la.. hehe :p
So the owner came out and ask what happen?! After that. .. aaaarh.. the conversation all I 4gotten edi :s Huhu.. so I skip it la :x Btw the owner give Ryan 50bucks for the wound with no question. 50bucks so little???! Mayb will go claim with him again tmr. .haha xD
Then i accompany Ryan go to the nearby clinic. The doctor gave him a injection and some medicines. Actually we got meeting with Jason & Mun Tat at 9.30 d.. but due to this.. we late :( Sorry to them :|

write until here only la today.. rushing Eric's assignment.. ~~"

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I love it!
Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bought my first ipod at Sunway Machines store yesterday.
KakAkA. .So happy!!! :D
I recommend u all to buy one too cos its really a
very very cool and convenient gadget ^^
lurve iPod ❤

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