Old School - Picture with Dad and George W. Bush
Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ripley's Believe It or Not!
Ain't me and my dad so cute? Ignore the Bush, He's ugly!

ps: Just thought of share one of my favourite pictures of my dad and me with u.
Btw, I'm 13 years old when this picture was taken.

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Stupid Truck Driver!
Saturday, April 24, 2010

Truckers nowadays just driving unsafe and recklessly on the road all over the country. Utterly unconcerned other car motorists safety on the road. They cut people off without warning, and think they own over the damn road. What a horrible truck driver I met.

Forget about how the incident happen. (You may read in my police report bottom there) It did make a small dent in my car. SOB' What I so mad about this stupid truck driver is he hit me and ran away! So irresponsibility! I didn't make police report on the spot cause that time I was on the rush to catch up my movie.

So when I'd back from the movie, I straight away move to the police station. When I writing the report, That Leong Sheng Tuck kept on laughing. Don't know what he laugh, make I just burst up and laugh together with him, out of control.. lol. When I reporting that time, I told the Sarjan the truck hit me and run. Then he replied me with "Truck tak ada kaki, macam mana dia lari?" means that truck don't have leg, how it run? -_________-"

ready to get summon!

Pardon for my illegible handwritting

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Go bald.. and stylish?
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What hairstyle else can be better than bald haircuts. The answer is NO NO NO and definitely NO other hairstyle can complete with bald! Why I said so, of course I got the guts to say it here right. lol.. Just looking at those successful male celebrities who had bald b4 or even now still bald include David Beckham, Bruce Will, Vin Diesel. Ain't they looks stylish and cool? :D Women can decide to go bald as well. It is an edgy style and you should expect to get some stares when out in public, much like Britney Spears. HAHAHA

So whats make me decided to go for bald? All because of the massive hot weather recently, it's driving me crazy! D: Being bald also means I can spends more time with the beloved one because I don't need tospend so much time in the bathroom or in front of the mirror fixing my hair. Living a simple lifestyle is just the way of the bald man like me.

Lives simply :)


My newly shaved head! Not really bald in this picture. Cause it'd been 3 weeks since I got my haircuts and it had grown rapidly fast D:! I know I not stylish. Sobs :x



Went to driving range for some golf swing last week. Well, its my first time. So I still kinda noob in this thing, missed a lot of balls. *Sobs. While I kept hit missed the balls, the guy in yellow shirt kept laughs at me. HOW EVIL! For the red collar shirt, I really like to thanks him a lot. He teach me a lot about the golf play and at least he did not laugh at me! lol teehee :D

Random Post

Got this BVLGARI ballpoint pen for my 21st birthday present from my dad. Its Swiss made. The design of the pen looks very delicate, pretty and a little bit too feminine for a guy like me. LOL. Hate and love at the same time. Nevertheless, thanks all agn for the bday present and wishes.

Hearts all


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